Blue – Brightening Body Lotion – 200ml




Feriha Blue Body Lotion offers the power of nature combined with Kojic Acid that works from deep within and repairs skin layer by layer. Our body lotion’s fast absorbing formula repairs damaged, dull skin. It also boosts the skin’s natural barrier to fight induced skin damage leaving you with radiant skin. This body lotion can be used all through the year, perfect for winters and summers both. The Blue body lotion moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and the result is noticeably lighter and smoother skin. Now you can finally get back your even toned skin!
• THE POWER OF KOJIC ACID: The Blue brightening body lotion is exactly what you’re looking for! The main ingredient of the moisturizing body lotion is the concentrated extract of Kojic acid, a natural substance that regulates the skin without damaging it.
• FOR MOISTURIZER SKIN: The powerful –yet gentle -formula will make all spots, freckles and other marks on your skin fade and eventually disappear.
• YOUR SKIN WILL BE FLAWLESS: The Blue Body Lotion will help you have smooth, soft and flawless skin. So if you feel self-conscious about your body tone, be sure that this body lotion will build your confidence up again!
• BALANCING YOUR SKIN: The Blue Body Lotion with regular use will reduce the appearance of scars areas, so that your skin will be free of any imperfection.
• A LIGHTWEIGHT BODY LOTION: We’ve made sure that the Blue body lotion is lightweight and easy to absorb. In this way, you can apply the brightening lotion on your body and get immediately dressed to go to work, without having to wait for hours for the lotion to be absorbed.


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