Feriha Chamomile Facial Toner 150ml



منظف للبشرة ، لمعالجة حب الشباب ومنع ظهوره، لعلاج آثار حب الشباب والزيوان، تنظيف وتصغير المسامات.، للبشرة الدهنية. إزالة البقع الداكنة وتوحيد لون البشرة.
روتينك اليومي لبشرة صافية ونقية.

Help prevent and treat acne while soothing your skin with Feriha’s oil-free acne stress control triple-action facial toner with 2% salicylic acid. This refreshing face toner for acne-prone skin works in three different ways to give you clearer, shine-free skin. With micro clear technology, it treats acne even before it emerges, boosting the delivery of clinically proven salicylic acid acne medicine to unclog congested pores and allow treatment to penetrate deeply to the source. The advanced oil dissolving complex in this face toner helps eliminate oil and control shine, even helping prevent future oil clogs in pores. The refreshing and soothing blend of skin soothers, including Chamomile extracts and moisturizing ingredients, actively reduces redness and irritation. This oil-free toner works hard every day, regardless of whatever stress you have, to make acne one less stress in your life.
• Refreshing, multitasking face toner works in 3 different ways to give you clearer, shine-free skin
• Acne face toner helps to eliminate oil and control shine while helping to treat & prevent acne
• Formulated with 2% salicylic acid, a clinically proven acne medication
• Skin soothers, including Chamomile extracts, help refresh skin and reduce redness and irritation
• Helps to boost delivery of acne medication to treat acne even before it emerges
• Oil-free facial toner formula was designed specifically for acne-prone skin
• Unifies skin discoloration, reduces dark spots
• Helps shrink and reduce skin pores


Ingredients: Distilled Chamomile Water, Chamomile Extracts, Glycerin, Salicylic Acid 2%, Propanediol 1.3, NeoDefend.


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