Hammam Glove



  1. GENTLE ON SKIN: This exfoliating mitt is made of 100% Natural Viscose Fiber and is suitable for all skin types for Men and Women. It is made of soft Viscose Fiber to allow you to apply the level of pressure you are comfortable with.
    HOW TO USE: Used on moist skin after applying and rinsing out the Soap/Body-wash. Designed to fit snugly for precise rubbing motions. NOTE: Skin should be soap-free when using the glove.
    INSTANT RESULTS: Dead skin build up comes off immediately when instructions are followed in either a steamy shower or warm bath.
    BENEFITS: Removes dead skin build up & impurities, reduces ingrown hairs & bumps and helps clear pores. Promotes blood circulation and leaves your skin silky and rejuvenated. Ideal as a pre-tanning routine to prepare skin for a lasting golden tan.

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Weight 35 g


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